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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

Over the last week, nearly all the parts have arrived. The linear bearings are in, my replacement rods from Amazon are in, and cut to size. Most importantly, the stepper motors are in. This makes it possible to start assembling the motion axes. So I have.

Motors Arrived The stepper motors have arrived!

Some notes on parts:

Assembling the frame is pretty straight-forward. I may adjust some of the SCAD models in the future to better handle my wood frame parts / adjustments. Specifically where the pilot holes are, and perhaps the extrusion replacement lengths. I may have ‘messed up’ on how I cut the extrusion replacements, since I calculated that the frame should sit in the middle of where the frame should be, rather than trying to keep the ‘face’ of the frame in the correct spot. This may mean that my table won’t move ‘forward’ enough. If I was using true PRUSA MK42 or MK52 heatbed, I’d definately have issues. With the undersized MK3 bed, I may be OK.

Frame and Motors The frame, motors, and motion axes.

As it stands, here’s the frame and motion parts assembled.