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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

I had my right wrist rebuilt a few months ago in an amazing surgery. Since I have a severe weight restriction (and associated activity restrictions) I decided to take up a project / interest I’ve been playing with for several years off and on. Trying to make model rocket engines from household supplies and ‘r-candy’ (sugar based propellants) recipes.

As this project has moved along, I’ve been incrementally solving a series of challenges:

It’s safe to say that this process has been most satisfying. I feel I can say that even without having reached a full integration yet.

The material engineering, the evaluation processes, the constant testing and feedback, it’s been wildly fun.

The chemistry, the processing, the actual tedious work of assembling test parts and then progressing onto small-batch assembly has even been fun.

All the while, I’ve been designing and printing (in PETG plastic) the tooling to support the endeavor.

This has been stupid fun.

At this point, all of my work (aside from chemistry bits) has been in the open on github. If you poke around my repositories you’ll find the software for the raspberrypi test stand, schematics and designs for printed circuit boards, openscad source for all the 3d printed parts, etc.

Hopefully I’m just a few more days (weeks) away from actually putting a home-brew motor into a rocket and seeing it get off the launch pad. Or, I’m just a few more days (weeks) away from realizing that my propellant is too weak, and I’ll have to switch to a different recipe and revalidate or solve a whole slew of new problems.