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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

Tuesday morning: Water is cloudy. Bottom has lots of sediment. Likely to be the brown nasty water stuff. I tested the TA , and it was again > 250. I stopped adding drops at 25, knowing I need to drop it at least 100. Turned off the pump , added 16oz of acid, let is sit for a while (~45 minutes) then turned the pump back on. Another 45 minutes later I started manually vacuuming the pool floor. Got the kids involved for 10 minutes. Floor vacuuming went well. Cleared up a lot of brown junk. Got to the point that the suction was terrible, even after emptying the catch net in the vacuum several times. I figured there was just too much junk in the filter sand. Backwashing took more than 60 seconds for the filthy rust-colored water to run clear. I rinsed, and turned the filter back on. Removed the vacuum and figured we’d circulate and skim full-bore, letting the filter do it’s thing. At this point, it feels like a numbers game against all the metal contaminates. The water will clear up. It’s just going to take perseverence and time.

Tuesday afternoon: Water still very cloudy. Less sediment on the bottom. Looks like the sand may be loading up again but I don’t want to backwash just yet. Tested TA again, still > 250, but the liquid is starting to turn less purple as I get close to 20 drops. Never goes clear or yellow. (shrug) Added another 16oz of Acid then let it sit for 40 minutes before turning the pump back on.

Lots of maple seeds are falling. It’s that time of year. Added flow-restrictor and setup the skimmer on one return . Turned pump back on. I Still don’t want to backwash too much so I don’t dump all my coagulating clarifier out the discharge. Patience. But I’ll be a hot dog if the flow isn’t drastically restricted.

The Intex pool auto vacuum is stuck in one direction. It’s stopped reversing. That makes me a sad panda.

I plan to hand-vacuum each morning until I get things cleared up. I’d like to be able to start using the auto vacuum … but if it just sticks to one wall it won’t do me much good. I hear that a tear-apart may be in order. Will do some research.

At this point, I’ve got 8 + 16 + 16 + 16 ounce of acid mixed in over two days. Almost a half gallon. The water is visibly cloudy, but no longer brown. I guess that’s an improvement.