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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

Thursday Morning: Water less cloudy. Lots of pale sediment on the floor of pool. Not the dark brown stuff we had from the initial well water. This is different. But, you can see to the bottom of the pool, even though it’s somewhat milky water.

TA Tested at 28 drops to clear, or 270. We dropped it 50 with a pint of acid. Oh My.

Dropped in 24oz of Acid (pint and a half). Let is sit for an hour.

Added another 1.5oz of Clarifier. I don’t want to keep adding this junk, but it seems to have plenty of stuff to bind with and get pulled out of the water. I’m going to need to order more. Yikes.

Turned the pump on. I’ll retest in another 4 or 5 hours. If this is a linear change, we should be near 195.

I need another gallon of acid before I treat the pool again.

Thursday Mid-Afternoon: Water less milky. More like coconut water. Loads of sediment on the floor. Not so much brown , mostly pale. I’m not sure if it’s filter sand. Ugh. Spent an hour manually vacuuming the pool. Got the walls well , got the seams at the bottom. Did the entire field. Backwashing was frequent. Water level is down nearly two and a half inches. Sides aren’t caving in yet, and there’s rain in the forecast, so I’m going to let it go. Also, adding well water seems like it’ll invite a whole host of issues I’d rather avoid at this point.

TA Tested at 250. Yikes. Dropped in another 3 cups of acid. Finished off the first gallon and did a pint of the fresh new one.

Thursday Night: I’ve been reading online about folks who do and don’t turn off the pumps and aerate while doing TA changes with acid. Figured I’d try just leaving the pump on this time if I need to add acid.

TA Tested at 230. Progress… but man if it’s not going slower than I thought it should. Patience isn’t my thing. Added another 3 cups of Acid, and 1.5oz super-clarifier. I really don’t like that super-stuff, but it seems to be helping to do that and drop in the acid at the same time. The precipitate isn’t clogging the sand quite as badly.

Still concerned about the amount of sediment, and the tendency of the pump to blow brown junk back into the pool if I don’t spend long enough ‘rinsing’ after a backwash, I decided to take apart the sand filter – to make sure it was properly loaded and didn’t have any broken laterals. The laterals were all off-kilter (not centered) which might just be a consequence of use. More importantly, the sand was below the ‘minimum’ line. Lessons learned: Don’t load sand dry. Put water in the tank first, so you can slosh / pack / whatever any voids out. I put things back together with the sand up to the ‘max’ line, backwashed, some sand came out (expected amount nothing major) and then switched the filter back on.

The water is still pretty cloudy, although you can now see the bottom of the pool. It made vacuuming much easier.

Tomorrow I’ll have to tear apart the intex automatic vacuum and see why it’s not reversing.