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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

Saturday Morning: Water is pretty darn clear. Like. Really clear. The 3” chlorine tab in the skimmer is nearly gone . Huge change from yesterday there.

TA tested at 160. PH must be stupid low. Dipping my hand in the water makes my skin uncomfortable now. Drys out the skin too. Solution to too high a TA? More Acid. This time, the remaining 32oz of the second gallon.

I’ll have to pick up more acid at the home center, and get some other supplies for things while I’m there.

Mid afternoon: TA tested at 150. We did get rain, but seriously…. I put in 32oz of acid this morning. I’ll get more acid and retest this evening before I add anymore. Something about this seems off.

Saturday Night: Picked up a 3rd gallon of acid today. Tested at 8PM. 150. It was like it didn’t move. Huh. Dropped in another 32oz of Acid. Let it sit for two hours. Turned the pump on. No clarifier. The water is looking really good. I’m sure there’s some cloudy sediment on the bottom, but I don’t dare touch it. The water is so acidic right now that after a couple minutes any skin splash is seriously uncomfortable.