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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

Sunday Morning: Has it really been a week since I got the plumbing working? Water tested at 130. I hate this part of the process.

Ordered more testing chemicals. Running out of #3 solution. Used a dip-strip test that I got with the pool opening kit to check and verify that I’m not totally crazy with the TA number I’m getting. It was slightly greener than the 100 line, but not as green as the 150. So, I think it’s in the ballpark.

Dropped in 24oz of Acid. Let it sit for an hour, then turned the pump back on.

1:20 PM: Hot Snot! TA is between 90 and 100. I can further adjust this later, we’re in the zone.


By the end of the day, I’d dropped in almost 4lbs of PH Increaser. PH was testing around 5 by the end of the night.

I made a trip to the store to pick up a deck box (Costco has a decent one that fits pool tools well for about $99!) I plan to cut some strips of PT plywood to make a divider system inside it. We’ve got it far enough away from the pool that the kids can’t use it as a diving board / entry platform. I also picked up another 4lb bag of PH Increaser from another store while I was out. Still nervous about the whole pandemic stuff, we’re still doing what we can to limit contact with the broader world. Going to stores at crowded times is just… I hate it.

Side note: As a bit of an introvert / isolationist, I kinda miss the environment of “stay at home”. Going out to places you really needed to was a much nicer experience for me. I hate crowds. Who knew my preferred lifestyle was known as ‘social distancing’?!

~7PM I decided to pool vacuum. I ticked off the spouse with this one, because it’s at least an hour commitment, and I didn’t realize what time it was. This caused Dinner to be a wreck, and made me renig on my plans for steak dinner . Whoops. We shall rectify that later.