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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

Monday Morning, Memorial Day:

While I am filled with awe and thanks to the Vets I’ve descended from, I cannot comprehend the loss and the sacrifice of those who fell to pay for the rights we enjoy. To the families of those who paid the ultimate: Thank you.

Tested the stuff this morning: PH < 6. TA ~100. We had a good rain last night.

Added a bunch of ph UP (20 oz Clorox brand). Waited 2 hours.

Noon: PH ~6.5 Confirmed with two types of test. Out of clorox Ph UP. Switched to HTH. Dosing instructions for that said to use 40oz. Ok. Dumped 40 oz.

1:00 PM: Dip test. Chlorine good. TA > 250. WTF. Didn’t pay attention to the PH.

2:00 PM: Dip test. Chlorine still good. TA still high. PH was 6.8. Aiming for 7.2. Followed dosing instructions based on 6.8 result… 30 oz of the HTH. Will retest in an hour.

Pulled the ‘poomba’ (intex automatic vacuum) up and cleaned the mesh. It was surprisingly not full of junk like it was a week and a half ago. Dropped it back in the pool and behold - it still functions. Looks like my lubrication solution worked flawlessly. Water temp: 76 degrees.

It is absolutely killing me that we can’t get in this thing yet.

2:30: PH Tested 7.2 Hot Dog! We got in the van and went to Dairy Queen for some treats while we wait for things to stabilize. I didn’t tell the kids.

3:00: Back home. Tested again, held steady at 7.2. w00t! POOL IS OPEN.

The whole family swam until about 6 PM. At that point, Kylene and I got out, we let the kids go until about 6:30 , then they went in and got showers and got ready for dinner. I grilled. We ate. It was good.

I put everything away, and decided to take a shot at lowering the TA back down a bit. Dropped 24oz of Acid over night , we got a lot of rain too….