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The LoneyBin 5.x

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Day 2 (or 3 now? I guess 2 full days) of the pool being open.

8:30 AM: Awoke to rain around 7 AM. I just used the last of the 1oz of TA test liquid. Oh boy. TA is at 250. PH at 7 .2. Chlorine > 5. Yikes.

Pulled the chlorine float out. Two 3” tablets are about half used. We’ll just leave this out for a few hours and re -test I know my CYA is super low, so this should drop pretty quickly in the sun.

What acid I put in last night barely budged the TA thanks to the rain. Bummer.

Poomba (my Intex auto vacuum) had stalled out. The micro-screen on the pump inlet had gotten clogged up with coagulated muck. The clarifier at work. I’ll have to clean that screen out at night or remove it entirely when running the poomba over night. Otherwise I fear for the pump.

PH @ 7.2? Pool is OPEN. Water temp near 80F.

Kids swam lots today. Middle kid didn’t re-apply sunscreen enough and is toasty. Silly girl.

6:00 PM: Closing up for the night. Poomba in, skimmer on, solar mat bypassed. Look at that thing go.

Dropped in 24oz of Acid. The last of the third gallon. I have a second used kit that I’ll use for TA testing tomorrow . It’s older chemicals, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve also got a reserve of a few dip-stick style tests for verification if necessary or something seems off. I’ve ordered test resupplies. They’ll be here in a couple weeks.

I expect I’ll have to dump some PH up tomorrow morning, just a small amount to bump it back up – unless it rains again.

The clarity of the water is simply impressive at this point. I’m shocked that well water cleaned up like this.