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The LoneyBin 5.x

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A little maintenance update post… because it’s been hardly any work to keep the pool up and going lately.

The filter and pump is a bit underpowered, for sure. We’ll upgrade to a bigger pump / filter next year. We have them on-hand already. I’ll just need to the pluming and what-not around that. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘clamp on ‘ skimmer. Next year I’ll get a through-wall skimmer to install.

Other than than, it’s been magical. I’ve got the daily maintenance down well below 10-15 minutes. The pool water is up to 82+ degrees every day, and it’s been chemically stable for weeks. Even the rain hasn’t affected it.

The TA did drift up to 90 at one point – after we had several weeks of no rain, and I needed to top off the pool a second time with softened well water. I knocked it back to 70, then bubbled the water back up to 7.2 pH.

I’ve busted out the bubbler a few times, as rain seems to drop the pH pretty aggressively. About 6 hours of bubbling will move the pH from 6.8 to 7.2, and raise the pool temp by two degrees Fahrenheit. It’s kinda fun.

So long as I leave the vacuum in and let it run over night, the water stays nice and clean, and I only have to vacuum around the perimeter about once a week, and that takes about 20 minutes. Other days I spend about 5 minutes getting the vac in and out, and doing ‘ladder duty’ to grant or revoke access. ;-)

I’ve enjoyed hopping in on hot days, as has the spouse. This was worth it.