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Day 2 - Filling

Our neighbor tore out their 30’ above ground pool last year, and donated his 20” pool filter and a couple of pumps for us to use. I picked up 200 pounds of filter sand for this filter over the weekend.

This year I’ll be adapting / updating our hard-plumbing with those pieces of equipment placed near the house, running pipe underground in insulated channels to the inlet and outfeeds.

Since it’s raining today, I plugged the returns with stoppers and started filling the pool.

As the water approached the returns, I dumped in two gallons of muriatic acid. If the well water chemistry is close to what it was last year, I should need another half gallon or so more to get the total alkalinity to the right spot. Adding this now lets me bubble the PH up a bit using the turbulance from the garden hose as the pool fills.

Also worth noting, we re-oriented the pool so that the inlet and returns are on the side of the pool we don’t start at out of our windows – the bigger reason was so that the skimmer would be on the side the prevailing winds blow things toward, instead of the skimmer constantly working against the wind. This coupled with the higher power pump, larger sand filter, and DE media I can add to the sand should dramatically improve our pool filtration and reduce the amount of backwashing I have to do.

We shall see how this turns out.

Worth noting: Last week I took delivery of fresh test kit chemicals, clarifier, etc.

The weather the next day looks like rain, and I’ve got some trenching / digging / transplanting to do in order to setup the pump / filter stack in the appropriate location.

We also have a new solar heater with a roof mount kit for this year. I have a lot of work ahead of me this next week to get the plumbing in place.