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Welcome to 2021, where the air is the same as it was before but we’re not wearing masks quite as much. Also, dining out has become a thing for my family again. That’s nice.

But today we shall mark the installation of the Costco Bestway Pool: Year 2.

Previously, we purchased the pool, leveled the land, added aftermarket skimmers, and used the included solar heater pad. This year, we’re going to change things up a bit with the addition of equipment that was donated to us, and some equipment we’ve purchased for ourselves.

Day 1 - Site prep, tamping, and initial unpacking / setup.

Site prep was much easier this year.

The sand bed remained pretty level. I flooded the area with a lawn sprinkler for a few hours then tamped the entire surface four times with a 10x10” hand-tamp. Between the third and fourth tamping I used a wide push-broom to even out any high spots. After the final tamping I lightly broomed the surface to flatten out any remaining tamper marks.

After the sand bed was leveled, I re-leveled all the support blocks, adding fresh tamped crushed limestone paver base beneath and around each block. This took a lot longer than I wanted it to, and was a consequence of not putting the paver base in and placing the pavers before I installed the sand last year. Next year I don’t anticipate needing to this again.

While I was tamping I had the kids haul the steel parts up from the basement where we stored the pool. I hefted the pool liner bag up from the basement myself. It was much harder to bring up than I remember it being to carry down. I think the limited head-room in the basement made it harder for me to get a good lift.

One child helped me with the 1/4” foam insulation mat we place under the pool. That was much easier than last year.

We unfolded the pool top the liner and let it warm in the sun for an hour or so, then assembled the frame. I put some water in, fetched the already assembled ladder and climbed in to two things.

  1. Make sure I got the wrinkles out of the floor of the pool by stomping / pushing / hoping around the outside and smothing things out while the water filled in. DO NOT WAIT for 1/2” of water. You need to start this process immediately.
  2. Scrub-brush any mildew places with algecide and stain remover. I had a kid hop in and help me with this. We also sprayed down the sides of the pool to remove as much baby powder as possible without scrubbing. I’ll use the pool brush to get the rest of this stuff cleaned up once the filter gets going.