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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

It is filled. All 7800+ gallons of water have been pumped from the well into the pool. I’ve added 3 gallons of muriatic acid. After two gallons, the TA was around 300. Based on last years water chemistry lessons, I may need another half-gallon or more to get it to ~100. I’ll be making a store trip to get another gallon and a new set of heavy duty gloves (mine have developed holes in them) later today.

The roof mounting kit for the new solar setup should be here tomorrow… unless FedEx changes the scheduled delivery date again.

Which they may.

I’m hoping it here by Saturday. I plan to start removing plants and transplanting things this weekend. I’l like to get the plumbing done soonish, so I can get the filtering and the rest of the chemical balanching well underway.