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The LoneyBin 5.x

The run-off of my brain, in digital form.

Spent the weekend digging 50’ of trenching, to hard-plumb the new to us (thanks you know who are) Hayward S210T and 1.5hp pump. We placed these near the house, and ran 1.5” PVC out to the pool, about 12” beneath the surface. To prevent losing all the water heat to the earth (because by golly I want the heat from the solar going into the water) I’ve got it encased in 3” of extruded polystyrene. Now that I know I don’t have leaks in the plumbing, it’s time to bury everything back up and reseed the grass. Yesterday I replaced the pressure gauge on the filter – the old one was broken and not reading pressure. After that I added DE to the sand, raising the pressure by 1psi. With everything being smooth-wall hard-plumbing, we shouldn’t be loosing a ton of power.

TA is currently right around 100, I’ll start testing with the new test chemicals tomorrow – I’ve used up the last of what was left over last year. pH is below 5. It’s sunny today, so the ghetto bubbler has returned to raise our pH throughout the day.

Water clarity is vastly improved today, you can see the sand and schmutz at the bottom of the pool. I’ll need to start aggressive vacuuming this week to get that cleaned up.